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Real Time Reporting and Certified Reporter Services

Searching for quality court reporting in Lancaster, California? Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters has been one of the leading court reporting agencies in Bakersfield and Fresno for over 50 years. We have an outstanding team of court reporters on staff who are well qualified to meet any court reporting assignment. Our team specializes in deposition testimony, arbitrations, and hearings. We are eager to meet new real time reporting challenges, and we tailor our transcription service to you and your needs.

Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters offers its clients superb quality and reliable service, making us the best choice for all of your court reporting needs! Call us today to schedule your transcription service with a certified reporter.

If you’re traveling and in need of deposition reporting in Lancaster, our team is poised and ready to provide you with a court reporter and conference room. We have conference centers available for any need, and we can provide any of our services at that location, including our videography service.

Why choose videographer service with your deposition or arbitration reporting? There are two major reasons for videographer service in addition to your court transcriptions, and the first is in the case that your witness falls ill or cannot be present for the case. In many jurisdictions, video can substitute as an in-person testimony. The second is that videographers can help keep deponents honest. If a witness makes drastically different statements from the verbatim transcription, a video can be used to prove a witness committed perjury.

Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters is proud to serve as the top reporting agency in Lancaster and Bakersfield. Hiring a legal transcriptionist from us means that your end product will be delivered on time and without error. For more information on short notice transcription, call us (661) 390-9617.

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