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Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters

Verbatim Transcription and Court Reporting Services in Bakersfield, California

During a trial or civil suit, it is incredibly important to have a copy of what transpired during the proceedings. For over 50 years, the reporting agency of Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters in Bakersfield, California has provided top-tier transcription service for these court minutes. From Lancaster to Fresno, we provide court transcriptions, videographer service, and complimentary conference rooms. To schedule your certified reporter, call our team at (661) 390-9617.

Our court reporters use the most up-to-date technology to provide your transcription service. Your legal transcriptionist provides service such as real time reporting, expedited services, and rough drafts when necessary. We offer real time reporting when it is imperative that you have the text within a few seconds of the words being spoken, and this can allow participants in the deposition reporting make notes or highlight for future reference.

All of our court reports are licensed by the state of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, and Court Reporters Board — (661) 390-9617

Need a short notice transcription? Typically, court reporting documents can take up to ten business days, but our reporting agency can have them expedited for you. We also offer rough drafts of our court reporting to those involved in the litigation process. Our arbitration reporting can then be viewed quickly at a lower cost than our expedited service.

To best secure an accurate record of your deposition, you may wish to have on hand, in addition to a court reporter, a videographer. Videography service allows a witness to be presented by video (in most jurisdictions) and thus can be used if a witness cannot be present. Another benefit of videographer service is that the participants tend to be more cooperative when having a camera in the room.

For verbatim transcription from a highly respected court reporting agency, choose Stoner & Schlenker Court Reporters in Bakersfield. We are backed by 50 years of experience, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us for rates.

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